La Clé en Provence – The story

In 1963, Hubert and Sophie purchased this land, on which were two small derelict dwellings with no running water, electricity or any modern convenience. As years went by, the house adapted to ever changing family needs, through various phases of building and renovations.


In 2007, when, as the next generation, we undertook to bring this house to a new beginning, we had a vision. We felt the house needed openness, light and unity. We wanted it to reveal its potential inwards and outwards so that it could be enjoyed not only by us but also by friends, families and groups from all horizons.

With that in mind, we have endeavoured to create a comfortable, modern yet authentic and simple house. We have brought continuity and fluidity throughout the living spaces while retaining the charming character of the “maze effect” reflective of a building that has had to evolve with a growing family over so many years!


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